It is one of the divisions within the organizational structure of the college, and it consists of six administrative units, which are, respectively:

1.    The Teaching Personnel Unit, which is directed by one employee who is responsible for. It has a direct connection with the teaching staff only.

2.    Personnel Affairs Unit that is directed by only one employee who is responsible about. It has a connection with personnel affairs, including technicians and administrators.

3.    The Employment and Staffing, which is headed by the head of the division, due to the lack of administrative staff, and it is responsible for all personnel affairs (teaching, technical and administrative staffs), ranking of job grades, staffing, and planning.

4.    Retirement Unit which is directed by one employee. It is responsible about the issues of retirement, as well as employee’s attainment to the legal age of retirement.

5.    The Electronic Documentation Unit. The tasks of this unit are distributed to the rest of the other units that belongs to the Human Resources Division due to the lack of organizational administrative staff. It has a direct connection with the electronic documentation and archiving.

6.    The Central Post Unit, which is the unit whose duties are performed by one employee. Its link is with the office of the Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs. It is responsible for receiving and delivering incoming and outgoing mail from and to the university.