The duties of this unit are to rehabilitate and follow-up students and graduates affairs. It is established at the Northern Technical University, Administrative Technical College / Mosul on 9-10-2017. It is concerned with changing society’s concepts dependence on and waiting for a government job. It is also spreading entrepreneurial culture among the different groups of society, and educating society about the importance of entrepreneurship for the individual, the economy and society to contribute to reducing unemployment and poverty. It deals with developing the abilities and skills of graduate students to be able to apply and compete for jobs after their graduation through a set of training and rehabilitation programs during their studies, as well as opening prospects for cooperation with the public and private sectors with the marketing aims.

Vision: Graduates obtain job opportunities according to their academic qualification.

Message: Qualify the college students to improve their scientific and technical capabilities and support them through qualification and training programs and strive for public and private sector companies to employ them.


       Supporting the small and medium enterprises sector through the localization of jobs and providing job opportunities for young people of both sexes.

       Enhancing the principle of partnership between the College with the public and private sectors to provide job opportunities.

       Meet the requirements of both sectors.


Employers: The social networking site allows the unit to announce vacancies quickly and easily, which saves time and costs by filling positions with the best graduates.

Job seekers: The unit takes care of the aspects of qualification and employment and takes great care of them.