1.    Keep track on the completion of the monthly updated database for the college’s employees.
2.    Supervising on the scientific departments in the college to follow up the achieving and completing for both of the educational bags and the description of the academic program.
3.    Achieving the annual performance evaluation, this is for both of the teaching faculty members as well as the technical and administrative staff.
4.    Completing the evaluation of the performance for scientific departments and laboratories, that is according to the national classification form for the quality of Iraqi universities which is sent by the Supervisory and Scientific Evaluation Authority.
5.     Complete the description of the academic program forms for the scientific departments.
6.    Holding courses and seminars in the college and university formations; therefore, the concept of quality in education can be spread.
7.    Forming and coordinating the committees to follow up the requirements of the labor market with the labor departments.
8.    Follow-up the subscribing of faculty members in both of Research Gate and Google Scholar sites.
9.     Receive and answer the official documents and orders from the university presidency / the Quality Assurance Department in order to enhances and promotes inquiries and instructions