1 . Keeping accounting records unit

·      Fund register

·      Revenue record

·      Daily log

·      Record customizations

·      Deposit record

·      Salary record

2. Salaries unit

• Preparing the monthly salaries and statements attached thereto and submitting them to the University.

3. Monthly Balances Unit

       Preparing monthly statements and balances at the end of each month

       Trial Balance

       Expenses statement

       Revenue statement

       Box inventory detection

       Statement of current accounts between the system’s departments

4. The Fund Unit

• Carrying out receipts and posting them to the Fund’s register

5. The Store Accounts Unit

• Keep records of assets, carry out inventory operations, and follow up on incoming and outgoing assets

6. Higher Education Fund Accounts Unit

• Carrying out the accounts of the Higher Education Fund with all its details

7. The Evening Studies

• Carrying out evening studies accounts with all their details