The Strategic Direction of  Department of Electronic Management Techniques


The department’s vision is represented by the aspiring to build qualitative graduate students who have an active role in supporting and developing various fields. Therefore they can be academically able to participate by developing the employing technologies and administrative skills, and supplementing the labor market through enhancing the scientific aspect in the management of information technologies.


 The Department of Electronic Management Techniques integrates with the rest of the college’s departments, It is considered as a promising and important department within the colleges and departments of the region by rehabilitating and developing the department’s graduates to serve the local and regional community, as well as focusing on the application of electronic management aspects and systems that are linked in the labor market.


1.     Providing the society with academic scientific graduates who are capable with planning and organizing by using electronic systems that keep up with the labor market.

2.     Preparing qualified graduates who are able to interact and communicate with the community.

3.     Preparing the graduate to have the ability to deal with modern technologies in information management using modern technologies in a manner that suits the labor market.

 Graduate job description

The graduates of the Department of Electronic Management Techniques are qualified to manage, design and operate electronic systems and be able to have:

1. The skill to use tools and programs in managing electronic systems as a result of their knowledge of computer language and the ability to employ them in the design and implementation of electronic management.

2. The ability to build, design, process and manage information in electronic systems. So they will be qualified to complete their postgraduate studies inside and outside Iraq.