1.    Make a research plan and send it to the presidency of the Northern Technical University in order to be approved.

2.    Sending the percentage of the research accomplishment every three months to the university presidency.

3.    Sending the college’s scientific plan to the university presidency on times.

4.    Organizing the academic hours of external lecturers for the scientific departments.

5.    Prepare and update a periodic report for the employees who are studying abroad and the Iraq universities. 

6.    Organizing statistics about the college staff

7.    Sending the plan of the courses to the university presidency / Continuing Education Center for approval.

8.    Dissemination of the training program for developmental courses to all the governorate’s departments in order to participate in.

9.    Preparing and establishing all the requirements of the training program.

10.  Organizing the summer training form and reserving seats for students inside and outside the governorate.

11.  Preparing all the requirements for the evening studies.