The Strategic Direction of  Department of Business Administration Techniques


The vision of the department is represented by the aspiring to achieve leadership and a distinguished scientific position that compete with the optimal departments at the level of Iraq and the Arab world to contribute to community service by qualifying the department’s graduates to work in various administrative fields to meet the needs of the labor market.


1.     Preparing and qualifying highly qualified graduates scientifically, cognitively and technically in a manner that meets the needs of the labor market and the requirements of sustainable development by adopting scientific programs that are compatible with quality standards and academic accreditation and creating a supportive university structure to improve academic and research performance, and to obtain appropriate opportunities for them at the level of state departments and institutions private sector.

2.     Forming a generation that is specialized and familiar with all means related to education and employment, and is able to compete in the labor market.


1.     Providing the department’s graduates with the necessary scientific and technical skills and knowledge that will help them practice their professional lives at the highest levels.

2.     Providing study programs that provide high-quality learning opportunities in line with the department’s vision and mission in order to familiarize students with recent developments in knowledge, business management, techniques and skills.

3.     Creation of technical staff specialized in managing administrative activities in the public and private sectors using modern techniques and methods in the fields of (organizational management, human resource management, marketing, project management and evaluation, production, quality, planning and development(

4.     Developing the creative and innovative thinking for students to help them take administrative decisions in a sound scientific manner  and building and developing the leadership personality of the students to deal with individuals in the work environment.

Graduate job description

The graduate of the Business Administration Techniques Department qualifies for management techniques to be able to:

1.     Using technical applications in the sector of production, marketing, human resources, management accounting, evaluation of production and service projects, strategic management and banking management.

2.     Practicing the activity related to administrative knowledge and its techniques in the field of industrial, commercial and service activities. Thus the graduate will be qualified to complete his postgraduate studies inside and outside Iraq.