The Technical College of Management holds discussion entitled (Factor Analysis Using (SPSS))

Northern Technical University organizes a workshop on how to administer electronic exams.
30 May، 2021
Publication of the first issue of the Northern Technical University Journal for Administrative and Human Sciences
15 November، 2021

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Under the sponsorship of the President of the Northern Technical University, Prof. Dr. (Alia Abbas Al-Attar) and under the supervision of the Dean of the Technical College of Management, the Assistant Professor Dr. (Samir Taha Yassin), on Sunday 17/10/2021, the Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques organized a panel discussion entitled (Factorial Analysis Using SPSS).
The discussion is hold by Dr. (Ahmed Najm Shait Al-Shalawi), Deputy Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs.
The seminar aimed at introducing the general analysis in practical application and how it can be interpret the results which are obtained by using the (SPSS) program.
The panel discussion discussed the usefulness of using the exploratory factor analysis and how it can be applied in (SPSS) program. Thus, the exploratory factor analysis can be considered as (Factor Analysis), which is one of important statistical methods and it is hard to be applied manually. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the (SPSS) program. The discussion began by introducing the participant to the nature of statistical factor analysis and its fields of use. Then the steps for conducting factor analysis and the characteristics of the data distribution which is used in the analysis were discussed. The lecturer showed up an example as a practical application of factor analysis in the (SPSS) program by using a questionnaire contains the questions and their answers and then analyzing the results. Lastly the lecturer explained each part of the results in a full and detailed explanation.
A number of the teaching staffs from our college as well as from other colleges and universities have participated in this seminar, in addition to a number of postgraduate students and other participants.

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