The Technical Administrative College organizes a seminar on Net Benefit and Decision Analysis Curve.

Northern Technical University organizes a workshop on how to administer electronic exams.
30 May، 2021

The Department of Statistics and Informatics Technologies at the Technical Administrative College organized a seminar entitled:
(Net Benefit and Decision Analysis Curve) presented by Dr. Ahmad Najm Shit Al-Shalawi on the online platform Google Meet.

The episode dealt with: –
An introductory introduction to research that is currently focused on forecasting and which is useless unless it is applied to reality. Therefore, research must serve the community by integrating science with society to solve problems spread in all fields.
The episode showed: – An example related to the medical aspect in terms of applying the statistical model that was built based on bilateral accidents (injured or not injured, healed or not cured … etc.) that the lecturer reached during its application to a sample of patients with a specific disease, and the episode explained:-
The results obtained through a comparison between the medical side and the statistical aspect (opinion of medicine and opinion of statistics), which were illustrated by a chart that reflects this comparison.
As well as “to how to apply such mathematical models through (R) program.

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